The design of this head allows to use all of the common types of film and digital cameras. 4th axis improves stabilization perfomance and control flexibility. High stabilization perfomance can be achieved even with the longest and the heaviest lens, such as Optimo 24-290.

The head is equipped with a digital lens control system that adds functionality and flexibility. It’s available with a variety of control options such as Handwheels, Joystick and Pan Bar*.

  • Improved stabilization level which allows to achieve a balanced picture even under extremely rough and difficult operating conditions;
  • High angular velocity on all axes;
  • Fast and effective rebalancing and calibration 360 degree pan and roll function
  • Axis position indication;
  • Solid and reliable construction Quick Assembly
  • Remote controlled handling of lens Parameters (Focus, Iris, Zoom) Auto horizon
  • Control capability by cable or wireless
  • 4th axis for improved stabilization and control.

This model fits for all of the common types of Cranes, Remote Controlled Platforms and Helicopter/Aerial Systems.

*Pan Bar on request


796 mm/ 31.34 in


680 mm/ 26.77 in


338 mm/13.31 in

Power supply AC

(90-264)V; 1kw (peak)

Power supply DC

(19-72V); 1kW(peak)

Pan angular speed (max)

270 deg/sec

Tilt angular speed (max)

270 deg/sec

Roll angular speed (max)

270 deg/sec


35 kg/ 77.2 lbs

Maximum usable focal length

290 mm


45 kg/ 99.2 lbs