SteelBoy 25 is the next generation of telescopic camera crane. It designed to be stiff and lightweight. It is both compact with a folded boom and long with a fully extended one. Can carry big cameras. The arm moves speedy and silent, smooth and precise. The wheel base designed to work on various surfaces and on standard track as well. With help of four adjustable jacks the crane can be mounted on curved or angled surfaces. The crane can take power from AC or DC (battery) sources.

  • Speed and silent
  • Quick assembly
  • Compact size and light weight
  • Fast and effective rebalancing and calibration
  • Straight line compensation and pan compensation
Max Lens height

7.2 m (23,6 ft)

Max telescopic extent

7,8 m (25,6 ft)

Max payload with camera

35 kg (77 lb) (can be bigger by request)

Max speed

1.3 m/s 1.9 m/s (by request)